Episode 7 - Realms of Terrinoth Roundtable

April 30, 2018

Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast

Episode 7 – Realms of Terrinoth Roundtable

Welcome back to Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast dedicated to all things Genesys, an RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.  In this episode of Finding The Narrative we are joined by Jamie and Stephen from The RPG Brewery to review and discuss the Realms of Terrinoth campaign setting book.  In Advantageous Threat our guests come up with the scenarios and Tony and I GM them.  Take a listen and find the narrative with us!    

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Tony “Azzmodeus” Fanning and Chris “Zszree” Holmes


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Listener Feedback:  Michael Mykolyshyn’s Pastebin link for Homebrew Genesys settings


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