Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast

Episode 9 - The Talent Show (Part 1)

May 29, 2018

Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast

Episode 9 – The Talent Show (Part 1)

Welcome back to Finding The Narrative: A Genesys RPG Podcast dedicated to all things Genesys, an RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.  In this episode of Finding The Narrative we start our two part segment on Talents!  We go into reading the Talent entries, a pick out our favorites from both the Corebook and Realms of Terrinoth.  In Advantageous Threat we put these talents to the test by making a far leap in a single bound and shoot lightning at a dragon??  Take a listen and find the narrative with us!    

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Tony “Azzmodeus” Fanning and Chris “Zszree” Holmes

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Part 1: Opening – Hundred Years in Helheim by Tri-Tachyon

Part 2a: The Book of Genesys – ULTIMATE METAL by Loyalty Freak Music

Part 2b: Setting the Tone – Ice Wrought by Sarin

Part 3: Advantageous Threats – Digital Mk 2 by Tri-Tachyon

Part 4: Outro – Catharsis by Bloodgod

Part 5: Legal Disclaimer – Goodnight Kiss by Movie Theater